How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X

iPhone X 2018 update to show battery percentage How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X: There are a lot of pissed off iPhone X owners there, due to the truth that in 2018 they just have one desire – for Apple to bring back a way to show the battery percentage on the iPhone X! As funny as that might also sound, you’ll be amazed at how a good demand there is for Apple to show this statistics without delay on […]

How to do a hard reset on iphone x

Is your smartphone frozen? Here’s how to reset your iPhone How to do a hard reset on iphone x. Even though we’ve spent years with the iPhone, and observed countless pointers and hints to get the most out of it, it’s constantly desirable to remind ourselves of the phone’s basic functions and when it’s appropriate to employ them. Something anybody needs to know is how to reset an iPhone. The steps required to do so were exactly identical on each and every gadget up till the […]

Cool Features of iphone x

iPhone X: Ten things you need to be aware of about Apples $1,000 phone Apple went all out on Tuesday when it unveiled its new flagship phone, dubbed the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10), arriving later this year. With the ever-increasing competition in the international smartphone industry, the Cupertino tech giant badly wanted a product […]