sugar substitutes

A note on sugar and sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes

There are plenty of sugar alternatives and sugar free products which have very low or no kilojoules. These can help people reduce their total kilojoule intake as part of changing their eating habits to lose weight.

Some people are concerned that eating or drinking products that contain artificial sweeteners leads to weight gain. Some studies in animals have shown that appetite can be stimulated, but this has not been shown in humans.

What is more likely is that people who eat or drink these products overcompensate with food because they may feel that they have been ‘good’ in choosing sugar free products like diet fizzy drinks and so eat more of other foods.

Examples of sugar substitutes are:

        • Stevia
        • Erythritol
        • Aspartame
        • Sucralose
        • Saccharin

Controversy surrounds the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Research has been conducted which shows at the levels consumed by humans, there is no health risk with consuming these ingredients.


There are many different names that may be listed on food packets, all of which simply mean sugar.

Here is a non-exhaustive list which will help you to identify hidden simple sugars in foods: Dextrose, fructose, glucose, golden syrup, honey, maple syrup, sucrose, malt, maltose, lactose, brown sugar, caster sugar, raw sugar, agave, molasses, palm sugar, coconut syrup, rice malt syrup.

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