Nutrient Reference Values

Understanding Nutrient Reference Values

The nutrient reference values for Australia and New Zealand state that for adult males aged between 19–50 years that have a predominantly sedentary job and do 30–60 minutes of activity 4–5 times per week, the recommended kilojoule intakes range from 9900kJ–12700kJ per day.

For females of the same age and activity level, recommended kilojoule intakes range from 7600–9800kJ per day.

For weight loss, men and women need to eat less than this.

Note: As each country has its own dietary guidelines and nutrient reference values, these recommended kilojoule intakes may differ between countries.

The exact requirements for men and women depend on a number of things like height and weight, physical activity level, ethnicity, whether taking medications, the amount of body fat, and thyroid hormones.

Below is an example of 8000kJ of food intake. This is at the lower end of the scale. People with a higher TEE can eat an extra 1/4 to 1/2 of these foods again.

Understanding Nutrient Reference Values

An example of a day’s food intake worth 8000kJ.

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