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Learn how to set weight loss goals

Setting weight loss goals is a strategy recommended when implementing a weight loss program. We tend to think about the big picture, for example, ‘I want to lose 10kg’. However, setting small achievable goals is a recommended short-term strategy. There are mixed reports as to whether setting larger weight loss goals are beneficial and help with greater weight loss, or whether large goals decrease motivation and lead to weight loss failure.

While it’s important to have long term goals, this can seem daunting if the goal is quite large. That is why it is important to set small goals in-between so that you can see that you are making progress toward your bigger goal which encourages you or someone else to keep at it.

Different types of weight loss goals include:

Dream weight:
A weight you would choose if you could weigh whatever you wanted.

Happy weight:
This weight is not as ideal as the first one. It is a weight, however, that you would be happy to achieve.

Acceptable weight:
A weight that you would not be particularly happy with, but one that you could accept because it is less than your current weight.

Disappointed weight:
A weight that is less than your current weight, but one that you could not view as successful in any way. You would be disappointed if this were your final weight.

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